Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Elephant Cake Pops

Colored Elephants remind us of the elephants in the Disney version of the Jungle Book.  It also is an easy animal to create.  A lot of the elephant cake pops on the internet have this sweet crafted trunks. Who has time for that? Not us. So we found another way to create these bad boys of the jungle and make them bright blue for a friend's birthday.

Start with the classic cake pop. If you need more specific directions take a look at the Cake Pop 101 Guide.  

We went with the classic baby blue cake pop.  However there's always grey, purple, brown, green, or almost any color available.  Reference Jungle Book Elephants. 

To make the floppy ears and stiff nose we used blue fruit roll-ups and blue Sour Punch Straws.  The cost for these cake pops is around $5.

The easy part is to cut the sour punch straws into 1-2 inch sections for the trunk.  It doesn't take that many straws so there's plenty for leftovers. 

The more challenging aspect are the ears.  Unroll one fruit roll-up, have some parchment or wax paper out on the counter and grab a knife.

Then slowly cut the ears using the knife tip.  Our shape is a kidney bean that's had a rough day, but the basic idea is to have one straight side and one wavy.

Remember it's 2 ears per cake pop. So get cutting early.  It's a little time consuming. 

The final steps involve assembly.  Use some of the left over melted chocolate for the outside coating and put it into a ziplock bag.  Cut a super small corner off of it and fill it up.  It's the simplest icing bag without having to actually buy them.

Put a little melted chocolate for the ears and then for the nose.  This became a two person part, however Aubree was a yoda with assembly and figured out a way to do it on her own. 

Add some black frosting for the eyes and viola!

Elephant Cake Pops

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