Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mediterranean Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Everything is better grilled and buttery. But not every day calls for deep frying donuts. Sometimes you just need to put it on a hot grill and listen to the sizzle.  This grilled cheese sandwich is on crack, the good kind of crack.  Not the plummer or illegal kind.  It's fairly healthy, has great flavors and easy to make.  Plus as always the cost: a 6 inch sandwich costs under $2.  We believe that's cheaper than a $5 foot long.  Sorry if we got that obnoxious jingle stuck in your head.

Start with some bread. A thick bread, like Ciabatta, is needed.  We took a loaf from Trader Joe's and cut it into fourth, then in half again.  Because the bread is raised on the top we cut a section of it off to make it level.

The next step is to work on the onions. Cut 1/2 an onion and then saute them in some olive oil.  Let them sit when you are done.
Rinse some basil and let dry on a paper towel.

Buy a jar of fire roasted red peppers from Trader Joe's.  They are arguably the best part of the sandwich. (They're not hot just in case you were concerned).

Slice a tomato.  It's about 3-4 slices per sandwich depending on the size of the tomato.

We used 2 types of cheese. Monterrey Jack and Sharp Cheddar.  The cheese needs to be grated. You will use a little less than 1/3 cup of each type per sandwich.
Butter the bread on both sides.

Heat a non-stick pan with olive oil.  On medium heat, place the inside of the bread and let brown.  This will only take a few minutes.  Then flip. 

Place Monterrey Jack on one side, the cheddar on another.  Add basil, tomatoes, grilled onions and peppers to the sandwiches.  Let sit for a minute.

Check the bread to make sure it does not burn.  In order to further melt the cheese place in the microwave for a 30 seconds.

 Cut the sandwich and prepare for greatness.  It's really hard to only eat one side, so good luck!


Ciabatta bread
1/2 Onion
1 jar Trader Joe's Fire Red Pepper
1/2 cup Basil
1/3 cup Monterrey Jack
1/3 cup Sharp Cheddar
3-4 slices tomato
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon olive oil

1.Cut bread and butter
2. Saute onions. Let sit.
3. Rinse basil, slice tomato, grate cheeses,
4. Medium heat non-stick pan, poor in olive oil, place inside bread on top. Flip bread
5. Place one type of cheese on each slice. Add basil, tomato, onions, and peppers on top.
6. Microwave for 30 seconds. Cut in half. Eat!

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