Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hippo Cake Pops on the Prowl

The Hippopotamus.  You'll either know them from cute stuffed Beanie Babies or playing Hungry Hungry Hippo!  (If you just sang that game's name, then we approve.)  Around here though, they serve another purpose: a nickname.  Aubree's friend Nina drives a gray Volkswagon, and the name "The Hippo" fits strangely well.  Therefore when Nina turned 18 a couple weeks ago, we had to attempt to recreate this creature in cake pop form.

If you have never made a cake pop before, head over to our Cake Pops 101 Guide and check out the step by step tutorial in order to make a basic cake pop.

By Nina's request, we started with carrot cake and cream cheese frosting which turned into a delicious cake pop.

From there we tinted white melting chocolate using Wilton candy coloring.  A few drops a time works--we used a combination of blue, orange, red and yellow. Good luck and be patient! Gray takes a while to make it good.

After the cake balls froze for 5 minutes we pulled them out and shaped them into the head size.  We did not shape the ears, just the basic outline for the head. Make sure to keep the main weight in the middle of the head--being off balanced leads to cake pops falling off the sticks!

Once shaped, we placed them back into the freezer for another 10-15 minutes.

Then take them out and dip carefully.  Its kind of a weird shape but the extra cake in the back should help keep it on the stick.

After we added black eyes with frosting and a little dot of extra chocolate for the noses and ears.

And Viola! Hippos on the Prowl!!

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