Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pirate Cake Pops

Helloooooo SUMMER! Hello to more free time, enjoying that beautiful summer sun, and more baking adventures to please our souls.  Summer is all about relaxing and doing the things that make us happy.  So naturally we had to start this summer off right by making some Cake Pops.  This time around we made little pirates.  They are random but cute and super easy to make.  And most importantly, ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.  If you're unfamiliar with cake pops, 1. Where have you been lately? 2. You can find the step by step guide here.

Start the pirates by using a white colored modeling chocolate as the base.

Let them dry completely before moving on to the next steps.

Separate some red (or whatever color you would like to use as the bandannas) M&Ms and star sprinkles into a small bowl. You will need them before the dipping of the bandannas starts.

This step requires some quick or multiple sets of hands.  Dip half the cake pop into another color like red.

Ashley's Tip: in order to get a smooth top don't tap the cake pops on the rim of the bowl like you would when dipping the entire pop. 

Immediately after dipping, add the M&M and one sprinkle.  They might want to fall off but if you hold them for a few seconds they will stay.

Last step is to add faces with black marker or frosting.  Then these one eyed pirates are ready to eat.  Hope you enjoy them!