Saturday, May 12, 2012

Strawberry Banana Angel Food Cake Kabobs

Strawberry Shortcake is simply a classic.  It's light, sweet and healthy all at the same time.  It's also perfect for Mother's Day.  This time we took the traditional recipe and added some chocolate, bananas and threw it on a stick.  These Strawberry Banana Angel Food Cake Kabobs add a little more guilt to this tasty pleasure.   Did we mention it's only $8 for over 20 kabobs. Plus it easily feeds 10 people no problem.

Start with strawberries, an angel food cake (we bought ours but you can easily make one), 2 baskets of strawberries, some chocolate and a banana or two.

We prepped the strawberries first. Cut off the green stems, and dice in half.

Once the 2 baskets are finished add a tablespoon of sugar (or not depending on how sweet you want this). Then refrigerate if you like your strawberries cold.

 Next up the angel food cake.  After cutting many pieces we decided they need to be a bit smaller than the picture. Aim for a square shape.

Then the bananas. We cut one and then added a drop of lemon juice to each side to prevent browning.  Do you have any other secrets to preventing browning? We'd love to learn a new trick.

Up next is assembly. Any combination of strawberries, angel food cake and bananas is good. Or add a different fruit like pineapples or a berry if your heart so desires.

Last for the fun part.  Melt some dark chocolate and drizzle it over the kabobs.

We put some cool whip in a container and the dessert is done.

Hope you enjoy and Happy Mother's Day!!


2 Baskets Strawberries
1 Angel Food Cake
1-2 Bananas
1 pkg Dark Chocolate Chips
1 Tablespoon Sugar
Lemon Juice
Cool Whip

Cut stems off strawberries and then in halves.  Add sugar.
Dice Angel Food Cake
Slice bananas and add lemon juice to prevent browning
Assemble strawberries, bananas and cake onto kabobs
Melt chocolate and drizzle over kabobs
Dip in Cool Whip and enjoy!

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