Friday, June 29, 2012

Jell-O Sundae

As the Fourth of July is coming up and July is the National Picnic Month, we thought a little Jell-O Sundae was the perfect answer.  While jell-o by itself might seem a bit mundane, this spruced up version is pure refreshing on a hot summer day.  For picnic style it's easy to just pack the jello in tupperware containers and bring a spoon or put it in a wine glass and be fancy.

For 2 seconds lets talk about how cheap this dessert truly is.  Jello is approx a dollar, so multiply that by 2 and add 2.. the total is $6 for the jell-o sundae.

Berry blue is amazing, raspberry is good--at least it doesn't taste like red medicine!

Find a container to put the jell-o in. Then pour the contents into the dish.

Pour in 2 cups of boiling water and stir continuously thoroughly mixed.  Keep stirring...

and stirring... until its time to add in more water.

Then add in 2 cups of cold water. let it chill for a few hours and then viola, your done!

Spoon out chunks and then add in the whipping cream.
Easiest. Dessert. Ever.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cream Cheese Blintz

In our family this breakfast is the holy grail... well for the majority of the family that is. Cream Cheese Blintzes are perfect for special occasions, or just whenever you're in the mood.  The best part about this is the filling.  Inside the blintz is a warm, creamy, sweet filling which is heavenly with the apple topping.  While Aubree isn't over the moon about these Ashley is. And by george if she could eat them more often she wouldn't be too sad.  Most blintzes are challenging to make, however here at 2 Broke Bakers we have the cheap and easy way to make this delicious breakfast.

In order to make these you'll need the following: crescent rolls, honey, cottage cheese, cream cheese, a topping if you want and a sandwich maker.

Start by making the filling.  1 tablespoon honey, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and 4 oz of cream cheese.

Have fun trying to open the crescent rolls, they have been known to shock a few people when they actually pop open.

If you survive that then separate them by length wise, not into triangles.  Then take the large rectangle and cut it in half.

Once the sandwich maker has warmed up spray both sides with some non-stick spray. 

Gently add one of the halved crescent rolls onto the sandwich maker and then put roughly 2 tablespoons of the filling onto the dough.

Once you've done this to both sides of the machine through another half onto each of the blintzes so it becomes a sandwich.

Once covered close the machine and let the magic happen.  It will take only a few minutes to cook.

Cook to sight and once they are a nice browned color pull them off the grill.
Once it's all cooked the debate over the topping will ensue.  Some in our family prefer the cheese blintzes plain.  Others prefer a topping, like apple.  We use a pie filling which is found in the baked goods section of the store.

There are plenty of options for the topping as well.  Strawberries or blueberries would both make a delicious alternative.  Throw on some powdered sugar and you're ready to eat.

Once you try these, we believe you will be converted to the easy way to make cheese blintzes.  Then get ready to take a bite, have the filling spill out, and enjoy the warm tasty greatness.