About Us

Number of sisters: 2. Number of professional baking years: 0. Number of attempted recipes: who's counting.  What we do count however is cost. We want to know how much money it will cost us to fill our daily baked goods fix.  You see, when the desire is everyday one must be cautious to not spend an entire paycheck on baking supplies.  What does that make us? 2 broke bakers.

We come from a family of 7.  Yes, 7.  This means mass production.  It is not possible to make one and then leave the kitchen.  We must buy ingredients not only in bulk, but at low prices.  This large family upbringing also gives us access to recipes we can steal, adapt and make.  What our mom doesn't show us in the kitchen, our aunts will.  A holiday without baking does not exist.

It is now time for us to share our family secrets to the world.  Secrets of baking and a money-saving lifestyle.  We stick to the basics with simple recipes of low cost.  Less ingredients, less time in the store, more time enjoying our creations.  Number of minutes spent writing this bio: 15.  Number of minutes dreaming about baked goods in a day: 120.  That moment when your $10 can make your dreams: priceless.      

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