Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Favorite Books Cake Pops

During the summer we read...and read...and read some more.  We're in a constant battle between finding new greats and caving in to re-read those older series that we know and love.  (Case in point: We've probably re-read Harry Potter at least 5 times each). Inspired by this inevitable summer activity, we decided to join our library with our kitchen for a short while and turn our beloved novels into cake pop form.  This way we can get the best of both worlds--baking and reading.  If you haven't seen our other cake pop posts be sure to check out Cake Pops 101,  our greatest hits, and the recipe section to view other cake pops we've made in the past.

Start the process as always with a baked cake.  Lemon cake is the flavor of this cake. We wanted to do something different this time.  It turned out a strong flavor and is a refreshing change from our preferred chocolate and chocolate frosting combo.

If you have a conversation with us it will be pretty clear that we have different opinions for many things.  However we are unanimous in our decision to have Aubree shape the cake pops... every single time.

Aubree wanted to share this trick to make the shape: use a knife to help make crisp lines.  Instead of relying on your hands use a knife to ensure a good shape.

These cake pops were a disaster zone to make.  Be careful of the shape you create.  We had to reshape every single cake pop because the shape was too long and thin.  Yup, fun times (please hear sarcasm).  That meant we shaped, chilled and then reshaped and re-chilled every single cake pop before we dipped them.  

Clearly this batch of cake pops wanted to be a problem because we also had issues with the chocolate.

Here is our story. Once upon a time we decided to buy molding chocolate while it was on sale.  That was months ago.  Now when we went to make some, the chocolate did not melt in the right way.  After realizing this and being frustrated we put the cake pops in the refrigerator and waited to go buy new chocolate.

The moral of this story... only use newer chocolate.  Old chocolate will make dipping the cake pops a nightmare.  

So on to the fun part.  After you've dipped them put some of the left over vanilla frosting into a ziplock bag.  Aubree has become a genius with this stuff.  To make the pages take a small tip and carefully make lines across the top and one of the sides.  This creates the pages.

Aubree's Note: Its impossible to make the lines straight and perfect like a book.  After 2 seconds I realized that even with all my OCD, its gonna look messy (more like an old, crinkled book).

Also more fun times while this happened because we could not shake the table.  lol we survived.

The type of icing that you use on the cake pops is also important. The gel type of the left does not harden. So the work you do will smear.... stay away.  We use the icing on the right to write the book titles and authors on the binding.

Harry Potter & Divergent Cake Pops
Made-up titles, just as cool as the classics. 

Pride & Prejudice Cake Pops

Here is our moment to "lightly" mention the reasons why we chose these specific books for this batch of book cake pops.  To say it lightly, WE LOVE THESE NOVELS.  When given a chance to show our love for Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling, and Jodi Picoult, we absolutely could not resist! Just Saying...and some of our recent discoveries like The Hunger Games and Divergent must be added too (just because). When in doubt, go read Harry Potter :)
Oh, and stay away from old chocolate.

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