Monday, March 5, 2012

Cake Pop Greatest Hits

Here's a collection of cake pops we have done over the past year.  Take a look, most are pretty easy to figure out how to do. If you've never made cake pops before be sure to check out Cake Pops 101.

 MINIONS!!! These were out first cake pops. Dip the bottom in blue, then flip an dip the top in yellow chocolate.  The eyes are made out of candy necklaces. Sprinkles for the hair

Lions are next up. These were first found on Bakerella. The home to the first cake pops. She also has a fantastic cake pop book if you want more.  It's found at Target and other stores. 

We also made Domos. These used strawberry belts cut, white frosting for the teeth and black frosting for the eyes.
For the owls you will need a rectangle shaped cake pop, heart sprinkles, flower sprinkles, a candy necklace and chocolate chips.  The chips go on the cake pop before u dip them.

The turtles were pretty easy to make.  However the key for these cake pops are to make sure the ball is not too flat. It needs to be tall enough for the stick to hold.

Lower the body (not on a stick) first. Then put the lollipop stick then. Let it dry, then flip it over and dunk the ball into the chocolate.

Quickly add 1/2 and M&M and 1/2 a Mike-and-ike for the legs.  Go back with an edible pen and put a face on the M&M.

Chicks! These should use yellow melting chocolate. We tried our dyes for the first time--the color isn't as strong.

The arms and nose are little chocolate chips.  They're found next to the sprinkles in stores.  The feet are flower sprinkles and the eyes are black frosting.

This is perfect for spring time.

For a baby shower we made a bunch of little babies.  White chocolate, and immediately add the nose by using a toothpick and spoon.  Also add the candy necklace for the pacifier.

For the bows we used pink chocolate, melted it, put it in a ziplock bag, cut off a tip, and made them on wax paper.  They break easily.  The cheeks were a red edible pen that we rubbed in by hand.  The rest of the face is black frosting.

So these are some of our major hits over the past year.  Good luck trying to make your own.  Be on the look-out for our new tutorials.

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