Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Peacock Cake Pops

Peacock Cake Pops!

These were quite the endeavor.  We have done a fair share of cake pops: hippos, babies, turtles, hearts, owls, domos, lions, and minions.  However trying to create a peacock was a challenge in itself.  But we succeeded!

Start with the basic cake pop.  If you've never made one before check out our Cake Pops 101 Guide.  It gives the detailed how to.

We used a baby blue.  You can go with brown, green, or truly whatever color you feel like.  Step 1 is to dip the cake pop in melted chocolate.

Immediately add a little colored chocolate chip. Then let dry.
 Melt green chocolate and put in a ziplock bag, cut a tiny hole in one of the bottom corners.  Lay down a piece of wax paper.  Start with a large dab--you will use this to attach to the cake pop.      Then start making feather-like details.
Go back with a different color (we used blue, but it can be purple or brown).  Fill in the blank areas.  Make sure to fill the entire space or there will gaps in the back.

Once dried, flip over the piece of chocolate.  Add a dollop of melted chocolate.
  Place the cake pop on the chocolate and let sit.  You may need to hold the cake pop so the feathers are straight.

All that's left are the eyes.  We use black frosting.
Peacock Cake Pops!

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