Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gingerbread House

Tis the season!!...
 for amateur architects like ourselves to make wonderful structures of  candy and icing.  Normally we go full amateur using graham crackers and frosting, which don't get us wrong is still super fun.  But this year we opted out for a kit.  Yes we may not have baked anything for this post, but making cute designs with candy is something we like to do.  And oh, we did like making this epic gingerbread house for the holiday season.  Its great practice decorating with candy and a great activity for the whole family!

This kit was purchased from Joann's and it is found everywhere.  Usually these things fall down after a short time  (at least ours did).  We found the trick: after you put together the three walls let it sit for 30 minutes.  Then put on the roof and decorate.

           Aubree's Note: The icing in the kit hardens after a         period of time  which helped.  If you make it by scratch, the      frosting may remain lose so keep that in mind as you pile on                                the candy decore!

The rest is all fun.  Everything in the pictures are from the kit.  We stuck to the box.  To make the snowman eat some of the peppermint candy; the road is made of crushed peppermint.

We're quite proud of our little house.  We're still baking so our next post will be up soon!

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