Friday, June 29, 2012

Jell-O Sundae

As the Fourth of July is coming up and July is the National Picnic Month, we thought a little Jell-O Sundae was the perfect answer.  While jell-o by itself might seem a bit mundane, this spruced up version is pure refreshing on a hot summer day.  For picnic style it's easy to just pack the jello in tupperware containers and bring a spoon or put it in a wine glass and be fancy.

For 2 seconds lets talk about how cheap this dessert truly is.  Jello is approx a dollar, so multiply that by 2 and add 2.. the total is $6 for the jell-o sundae.

Berry blue is amazing, raspberry is good--at least it doesn't taste like red medicine!

Find a container to put the jell-o in. Then pour the contents into the dish.

Pour in 2 cups of boiling water and stir continuously thoroughly mixed.  Keep stirring...

and stirring... until its time to add in more water.

Then add in 2 cups of cold water. let it chill for a few hours and then viola, your done!

Spoon out chunks and then add in the whipping cream.
Easiest. Dessert. Ever.

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