Sunday, January 15, 2012

Aubree's Zebra Cake

A little while ago I was on pinterest and the zebra cake from The Whimscial Cupcake.  I feel in love with the cake, but of course didn't want to make the cake from scratch.  My grandma has a theory about box cakes.  My great-grandfather worked in a test kitchen many years ago.  So my grandma always tells me to cut corners and save time because testers spend hours working on a good recipe.  This cake can be time consuming so using the box cakes cuts back on the time.

Start off by making the white cake and chocolate cake per the directions on the back of the box.  Our cake used milk chocolate, but for a darker color on for the black strip we think a dark chocolate cake would be better. 

Once you have the two cake mixes ready the next step is to take the 9"round or whatever size round container you want to use and start pouring one color at a time in the middle.  Only put a little bit of batter at a time because as you put more batter down it pushes the previous batter to the outside. 

Then place the cake inside the oven and bake per the recipe.  I would use a different container to pour the batter out of than the mixing bowl.  I used a measuring cup.  Watch out batter is going to drip, you don't want it to drip onto your masterpiece.

This cake was for Aubree's birthday, so i colored the vanilla frosting orange (it's her favorite color) and then staked the four cakes.  This cake takes 2 containers of frosting (something I didn't think about and had to run to the store to get another).

The candles were from Party City and were sparklers.  If I did this cake again i would only buy 1 box and then add cocoa to half the batter.  This way I wasn't making 2 cakes, but 1.  It also cuts down on prep and cost. 

This cake turned out more marbled.  If I did this again I would add more batter so the cake was taller and you could see the design more. But, it still takes delicious. I bought each box for around a dollar and frosting for less than two leading to a grand total of just over $5. 

Happy Birthday Aubree!

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